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Fiona is a 2011 Spotted Draft (Gypsy/Perch/Thoroughbred) mare with a variety of all around experiences. Fi is a trail horse deluxe and travels confidently through anything. She is currently hunting full time and whipping in with the Glenmore hounds and is a total rockstar. She is very confident and surefooted hunting and is not fazed by anything. She is making a fantastic whip horse but would also enjoy hilltopping and second flight. She is the same outside of the arena as in and is extremely brave cross country. She does everything in a snaffle with no martingale and remains soft on the rein and easy to control. Extremely sure footed and as smooth as it gets for a big horse. She's honest and dead straight to the fences and will even pick you up off the mounting block, wheel-well of your trailer or a log on the trail to remount. Extremely easy to handle on the ground, loads, clips and stands for the farrier. She loves to be groomed, pampered and bathed. Rides out the same alone or with company and travels great with a pack of hounds. She is happy to ride either english or western, you can throw a rope off of her or crack your hunt whip, and she has both flagged other horses around as well as ponied them. She thrives and feels the best when in a fitness program and thoroughly enjoys having a job to do. Her price will continue to increase as we get further into this fox hunting season. 

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