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ABOUT Brieanna

Brie began riding when she was four years old in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her foundation in the local show hunter and 4H community. Her curiosity in the horse led her to work with three-day eventers, race horses, saddlebreds, and ranch horses, to name a few. While attending Virginia Tech, studying Agricultural Technology, Applied Agricultural Management with a focus on Equine, she spent three and a half months living and working on a cattle station in outback Queensland, Australia. Working in Australia is where she first got a taste of working with your equine partner as a true coworker to complete daily practical jobs horseback. After graduating from Virginia Tech, she spent several years living in Montana studying Vaquero Horsemanship and fell in love with the way ranch horses are raised outside and used for a real job covering beautiful and challenging country. 

Since returning to Virginia she has merged her english roots with her western working skills and continues to pursue the refinement of horsemanship. Brie's goals today are to produce amateur friendly horses with a well rounded foundation, that are confident as themselves and exposed to a variety of experiences, making them capable of safely taking you in any direction. It is her goal to help owners and riders understand the value in practical application and the way a horses' mind better understands our questions when we present them with an intentional task.

Today Brie is based out of her farm nestled in Staunton, VA. The program focuses on developing young horses, starting horses under saddle, and coaching her clients to develop and achieve their individual goals. Formally known as BL Horsemanship, after going through a divorce, Brie rebranded and founded Whistling Ridge Equestrian in 2023.


Whistling Ridge Equestrian was founded with the focus on pursuing horsemanship with intention on creativity, positivity and empathy. We aim to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment that builds a community centered around our love and respect for our equine partners. At Whistling Ridge we are devoted to continual learning and personal development so that we may better understand and communicate with our horses. It is Brie's goal to not only be an instructor to your horse and develop their education, but to aslo be the bridge between their understanding and yours. 

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