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A new southern revival


A New Southern Revival, Whiskey, is a 2010 15.3 hand grade quarter horse cross gelding. Whiskey's favorite activity is fox hunting and is currently enjoying his second season with the hounds. He has hunted in second field with his amateur adult owner, has hill topped with a junior and spent a good part of this season as a staff horse. Whiskey is extremely surefooted and comfortable to ride on the variety of terrains, has great brakes and a very soft mouth, hunting in just a loose ring snaffle. He stands like a gentleman to dismount and remount if you have to get a difficult gate or you can open and close one from horseback. While Whiskey is happy to hilltop for you, he has plenty of engine and willingness to work all day, making him an ideal second flight horse or he could possibly move up to first field after more experience to the larger coops. Whiskey is uncomplicated to handle on the ground, on or off the farm, he is easy to load or unload in the dark on your early hunt mornings and he stands perfect for the farrier. He is a gentleman in the paddock no matter who you turn him out with and he is always the first horse to greet you in the morning with his warm nickers. Whiskey is up to date on vet and farrier care and we are happy to share all vet records and radiographs from his PPE in March 2020 forward. 

Whiskey's ideal rider is a soft rider with a light, but steady rein connection and a closed leg.  He prefers a more confident rider who would like to predominately ride outside, either on the trail or fox hunting, and who is not bothered by a little bit of jigging from time to time. Whiskey is searching for his perfect match and price is negotiable to the right home. 



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